Investment Strategy

Oak Real Estate Partners' strategy is financially engineered to deliver an investment solution that is designed to align and support institutional investment objectives.

Creating alternative return streams that enhance diversification and improve risk-efficiency with low market correlation.


Oak Real Estate Partners' investment objective is to deliver an alternative return stream that enhances diversification, risk efficiency, and is uncorrelated to broader financial markets.

We accomplish this by capitalizing on the significant investment opportunities that exist in a highly fragmented, inefficient and underserved lower lending market.  The strategy focuses on small balance sheet credit lending that targets short-duration commercial mortgage assets collateralized and secured in the first lien position by high-quality income producing properties.

The investment opportunity uniquely positions our firm to generate an attractive annualized net return for our investors without the mark-to-market volatility. The loan-to-value, structuring and institutional underwriting helps to mitigate the credit risk and provides a margin of safety against capital impairments.

Our Philosophy

Oak Real Estate Partners partners with like-minded investors who seek value creation over the long-term with their investments. The firm remains highly focused on capital preservation and down-side protection through transaction selection, structuring, a disciplined investment approach, and comprehensive institutional underwriting standards.

We believe in taking the time to understand the unique financial and investment challenges of our investors. That means carefully considering strategic and tactical asset allocations and designing solutions that achieve return targets while accounting for a host of factors such as interest rate sensitivity, duration, diversification, and volatility. 
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Due Diligence for Investors


Strategic Alternative Asset Allocations


Advice on Portfolio Optimization Approaches


 Solutions Aligned with Institutional Investment Objectives

Social Impact Partnership Program (SIPP)

The partners and firm are dedicated to cultivating a positive societal impact through responsible and impactful giving. That approach has led the firm to develop and implement an innovative social impact partnership program (SIPP). 

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